Displays for Availability & Response

With Availability and Response enabled you can setup your own monitor display or computer at your station, dispatch center, or anywhere you'd like to display this information.  Displaying this information is easy and customizable for your department's needs.

  1. A television or computer monitor dispay, (the bigger the better in our opinion).
  2. Internet connection
  3. Internet browser

Setting up the display
Step 1: Log into your eDispatches web portal.
Step 2: Select "Account".
Step 3: Select "Displays" tab.
Step 4: Select the on / off switch to enable or disable the Display feature.

Creating Pin
You'll need a pin number in order to display availability or response on a screen.
Step 5: Select "New" to create a pin.

Your unique Pin will display after selecting "New".  You'll need this Pin number for later when you go to your display.

You can customize each Pin for Availability or Response display only.

Displaying Availability
Step 6: Copy the unique Availability Board url into your monitor's web browser.

Displaying Response 

Step 6: Copy the unique Response Board url into your monitor's web browser.

Step 7: You'll see a prompt to enter the Pin, use the Pin created earlier from step 5 and  select "Login".

Step 8: You can leave this webpage open at all times, the page will refresh every 30 seconds with the latest availability or responses.


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