Connecting iPad to eDispatches

Can I connect my iPad to the eDispatches app?

Yes, the eDispatches app is available for iPads. The process would be the same as connecting an iPhone with a valid phone number and Auth Code from the eDispatches Web Portal.

Each iOS device can only be associated with one phone number at time so you will have to add a new recipient to your eDispatches account for an iPad.

What if my iPad is wi-fi only?

The iPad app will need to be associated with a phone number to get an authorization code in order to use the eDispatches app.

To associate the iPad with a phone number have your account administrator log into the eDispatches Web Portal and click Recipients on the top left corner to add a new recipient.

Next, click the New button and on the right, a menu will open up.

When filling out the naming information, under where it has phone number and carrier, please enter a valid phone number, if the iPad does not have it's own phone number we suggest using another number you may not already be using with eDispatches like a landline phone number and select "Landline" from the carrier dropdown.


Next, scroll down to where it says the Tone notifications. Please select the box under the App column to coincide with the tone that is listed. Click "Save" to save your settings.

Now that we have an authorization for the iPad, please download the eDispatches app from the App Store.

When the eDispatches app loads up for the first time, the app will ask for a phone number and Auth Code. Please enter the phone number associated with your iPad or if you used a landline number use that number and the 4 digit Auth Code associated with that number. Then tap Login.

That should enable the alerts to be received on the iPad. To test, you should see an Apple logo next to the Auth Code in the eDispatches Web Portal. That means the device has been registered.

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