Priority Blast

Priority Blast is a simple way for you to record your own messages that will be delivered to your members' as an ordinary phone call. That way, if your agency's radio system is down, but the cellular networks are up, you can still get a message to everyone in real time. In times of crisis, we've even seen 911 centers use this feature to dispatch agencies to alarms.

Priority Blast is a function of the eDispatches system that allows voice mass message to be sent to recipients of your account.  You are able to select individuals, predetermined groups or the entire account to receive these private voice messages.  Administrative users of our iPhone/Android apps can record the message into the app and when they send, the selected members phones will ring as phone calls with the message.  Administrative users that do not have app capability are able to access Priority Blast through a regular phone line.

Priority Blasts can be sent out from the iPhone/Android apps and through the web portal instructions. For more information or instructions click the links below.

How to send Priority Blast from app

How to send Priority Blast through web portal

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