eDispatches's Pre-Alert will send an App Notification as soon as we detect your tones, even before we've finished making your audio recording.  Once the recording finishes we still send the "normal" App Notification with recorded audio, just like always.

By using the Pre-Alert feature, we're able to notify your members 90% faster!

How to enable Pre-Alert from the web portal
  1. Log into your eDispatches account.
  2. Select Recipients
  3. Select a recipient you wish to enable Pre-Alert for.
  4. Select the advanced settings next to the assigned tone you wish you enable Pre-Alert for.  (Advanced settings can be accessed by selecting the looks + symbol next to the tone.)
  5. Enable Pre-Alert from the advanced settings and select save when done.
  6. You're all set!  Next alert you'll receive a Pre-Alert before the actual audio dispatch alert.  You can turn this feature off at anytime by disabling the Pre-Alert check box and selecting save.

**Coming Soon** Pre-Alert will be available directly in the app so recipients can turn themselves on or off at their leisure.

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