How to Priority Blast (Text Message) to Members from eDispatches App

What is Priority Blast Messaging?
Priority Blast Messaging is a good way to keep your members updated about meetings and functions going on at the station. Messages can either be transmitted via text or voice through or the eDispatches app.

How do I Priority Blast a text message from the eDispatches app?
NOTE: Messaging is reserved for users with administrative rights only. For a guide on administrative rights and privileges, please click here. 

Login into the eDispatches app. 

Tap the  in the top left corner of the screen and Tap Settings

Scroll down to App portion and Tap Admin Login.

Enter the credentials you use to and login.

Tap the  in the top left corner of the screen and then Tap Messaging.

For text, Add the Recipients or Group you'd like to receive the message, and type the message you would like to send. (NOTE: Texts need to be 140 characters or less)

Once finished, Press the Send button in the top right corner of the screen.


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