Reset Uniden Scanner

The Uniden Bearcat BC355C & BC355N Scanners are the most latest scanners eDispatches provides with their eDispatches detector.  If you suspect your scanner may not be working or your frequency has changed please try the following instructions on reseting the scanner.

 Before beginning, please read all the way through these instructions to familiarize yourself with the steps.
  1. Turn the scanner OFF and unplug the audio cable from the rear of the scanner.
  2. Press and hold the L/O and PROG buttons.
  3. While holding L/O and PROG, turn the scanner on.
    • "CLEAR" will be displayed
  4. Release the L/O and PROG buttons.  The scanner has been reset to factory-new status.
  5. Press the PD/FD/EMG button THREE times.
  6. Press the AIR/MRN button THREE times.
  7. Press the CB button ONE time.
  8. You should now see all zeros across the middle of the display.  if not, start over at step 1.
  9. Press the BAND button several times until the frequency range of your dispatch is displayed on screen.
    • The scanner will start scrolling through frequencies in the selected range.
  10. Once you are near your dispatch frequency, Press the HOLD button one time to stop the scanner from scrolling frequencies.
  11. USE the UP and DOWN arrows to change the display to your dispatch frequency.
  12. Press PROG
  13. Press PRIVATE
  14. Press PROG
  15. Set the volume knob to the 10 o'clock position.
  16. Adjust the squelch knob to the point that just makes static not be heard. (12' o'clock is recommended)
  17. Have your NORMAL DISPATCH CENTER do a test dispatch.  Verify you can hear the dispatch through the scanner.
  18. Insert the audio cable into the EXT SP jack on the rear of the scanner.
Your scanner is now programmed to the proper frequency and ready for use with your eDispatches detector. 

We strongly recommend that you attach a note to your scanner/detector stating “DO NOT TOUCH.”

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