Notification Options

Notification Options
There is a notification option for all phones, including landlines phones.  Please review our notification options.  

App Notification (iOS & Android)
Our Android/iOS applications essentially turn your phone into a stored voice pager. Included features are mapping and routing without dispatch assistance, streaming audio, mass messaging and administrative account access. Clients that deploy our Enhanced CAD Relay system will also have their dispatcher entry from the CAD system appear in the app with up 40* different fields of information as well as one-touch mapping and routing.

*Displayed information is subject to the limitations of your CAD system.

Voice Notification (Direct Phone Call)
Our Voice Notification feature is a simple feature that simply send the dispatched alerts as a phone call simultaneously to recipients selected to receive the alert.  If they do not answer, the message will be left on voice mail in its entirety.  This feature is labeled “Voice” in the portal.  NOTE: This feature is intended for basic flip phone and/or landlines.  We do not recommend app users use this feature as the incoming phone call may interrupt app function.

Text Notification
Our Text Notification is a text message that provides access to the audio dispatch.  Recipients will have the option to either listening to it from a smart phone by clicking on a link in the message or by calling a hotline number.  We do encourage people to consider receiving this notification with our mobile apps to capitalize on both the cell and data signals to their devices.

Enhanced CAD Relay
Enhanced CAD Relay allows you to receive the dispatch entry directly from their CAD system.  This is a separate activation/setup from our audio dispatch that requires no equipment and no added charge to an account.  Recipients can receive the address, location, GPS coordinates and important call information including one-touch mapping.  This feature can also send the address and nature via a text message.  Your dispatch center must have a CAD system capable of forwarding the info for it to be activated.

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