eDispatches has the ability to stream your dispatch frequency or other frequencies directly into our eDispatches app so members can listen live continuously. This is possible through a partnership with Brodcastify.
Streaming is available for both iPhone and Android mobile platforms. Members can select streaming from the menu of the app or select from an active audio or CAD alert. Streaming is an included option for all eDispatches clients that utilize audio dispatch.

Available Streams
Your eDispatches administrator can provide streams in the vicinty of your region from other eDispatches feeds.  These feeds can be made available for iPhone and Android users in the app.  The streams will appear in the Streaming area of the app as "Nearby Streams".  Administrators have the ability to select a maximum of 5 nearby streams for the account.  Recipients associated with a sub-account may also receive an additional 5 nearby streams.  This feature is useful to monitor large events close you your proximity to give you a heads up that your department may be dispatched.  Not all clients utilize streaming and they may not appear in the list if they do not have an active feed.

Enabling Nearby Streams
  1. Login to your eDispatches account.
  2. Select "Account"
  3. Select "Streaming"
  4. Enable up to 5 available streams from the column on the right. 
Nearby Streams
eDispatches app version 3.7.0 is required for the "Nearby Streams" to appear in the apps.  Nearby Streams are available for both iPhone and Android apps.


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