Enhanced CAD Relay

Enhanced CAD Relay

eDispatches's Enhanced CAD Relay service is an improved version of our original text messaged based CAD Relay service.  With Enhanced CAD Relay members can now receive CAD messages directly in their eDispatches app for iOS or Android as well as via text message!

Enhanced CAD Relay Features
  • Automatic Parsing
    • ​Location, Nature, Cross Streets, Time of Dispatch, Narrative Entries & Incident Number will automatically be sorted
  • Message View
    • ​Alert view will allow you to see the address, cross streets, nature and a few call details
    • Original message view will allow you to see the complete CAD entry with all of the raw data including times and special CAD Data.
    • Users will be able to easily toggle between views.
  • Automated Mapping
    • ​Automatic mapping of the call location
    • Multiple Location Support - Sometimes you might receive an address and a business name.  The app will let you choose which one to map.
    • Address Override will allow you to modify the address for mapping in the event it is incorrect or an unmappable location or mis-spelling.
  • Launch Streaming Audio from CAD alert (audio dispatch clients only)
    • ​One tap and you are listening live to your frequency.
  • Review Previous Alerts
    • ​This will be valuable once back at the station and generating your report for location, times & incident numbers.
  • Audio Dispatch via app will also continue giving you the best of both worlds!

Requirements to use Enhanced CAD Relay

If you can answer yes to the following, then Enhanced CAD Relay is a possibility for your department:
  1. Does Dispatch use a CAD system?
  2. Can the CAD system send the information to an email address? (Hint: almost all of them can!)
If you answered yes to the questions above, congratulations, you can use the eDispatches Enhanced CAD Relay service!

How to add or request Enhanced CAD Relay 

If you have already checked the requirements and you would like to add this feature to your eDispatches service call us at (973) 453-5810 or email support@edispatches.com.  We will have a few questions to ask you and we'll get you on your way!

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