Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need?
A: We provide simple to set­up equipment at no cost to you. You provide electrical power, wired internet and good radio signal.
Q: Is it narrowband ready?
A: Yes! We are your narrowband problem solver!
Q: Will it work with my digital system?
A: Yes! We are fully compatible with analog and digital systems.
Q: Is it available in my area?
A: The eDispatches service is available anywhere in the USA, Canada & Virgin Islands.
Q: What does my dispatcher have to do?
A: Nothing more than what they already do.
Q: Will it work with my phone?
A: Works with all phones, Flip Phones, Smart Phones, Dumb Phones, and even Landlines.
Q: Can the system decode more than one set of tones?
A: We have no limit to the amount of tones that can be decoded
Q: Will it work with multiple radio frequencies?
A: Yes! Each frequency requires an eDispatches detector. Additional setup fee does apply.
Q: I don’t know what are tones are, can eDispatches help?
A: We have the ability to decipher your tones once the equipment is in place!
Q: How long has eDispatches been in business?
A: Since 2004.
Q: Is eDispatches network reliable?
A: We deploy a network that spans North America for redundancy purposes.
Q: Do we have to sign a contract?
A: Never! We are a cancel at anytime company.
Q: I am not good with computers, will this be difficult to setup?
A: We have an outstanding technical support staff which is always free! They are happy to assist you anytime you require assistance.
Q: Is the free trial really free?
A: Absolutely! We pay shipping to get you the required equipment. If at the end of trial you wish not to continue as a subscriber, we pay the return shipping.
Q: How many people can be on the free trial?
A: We no longer have any limitations during trial.
Q: We tone out each call twice, will I get two notifications?
A: We have numerous system settings that will prevent this from happening.
Q: We use stacked tones, is this a problem?
A: Our unique system can differentiate from stacked tones so you just receive your voice message. This prevents you from having to listen to all of the tones.
Q: We are toned out from multiple dispatch centers, will this capture all of our calls?
A: Yes, so long as our receiver is positioned to receive all of the signals, it will decode and record your calls.
Q: Other agencies are on our frequency, do I have to receive their calls?
A: No. You will receive only the tones you want to receive.
Q: We are a career/full-time department, can I stop certain tones from notifying me?
A: Yes, we use a variety of blackout options to automatically take effect or manual turn off options.
Q: Will I see charges on my cell bill?
A: No special fees will appear on your cell bill.
Q: Why is the audio dispatch more advantageous than a texted out dispatch?
A: voice dispatch is able to convey dispatcher voice inflection. Often times the voice of the dispatcher can be an indicator of a more serious incident. Additional details are typically relayed over the radio that may not make it into the text message.


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