How to change account admin

If you ever need to change the eDispatches account administrator or if the previous account administrator has left the department and is no longer available please follow the following guide.

Existing account administrators follow this guide to change your eDispatches account administrator:

Change account admin

  1. Sign in to your eDispatches account with the existing username and password.

  2. Select Account

  3. Be sure you are under the Plan tab.

  4. Select UPDATE/CHANGE in the Plan Details section.

  5. Enter the new account admin's information and update the billing information if changed too.

Create a new user for the new account admin

  1. Select the Users tab under Account

  2. Select New 

  3. Complete the user information, Username, Password, Email, First Name, and Last Name.

  4. Check off Master User this will allow the new user to have complete access of the account as the new account admin.

If the existing account admin has left or is no longer available:
Request to change account admin

  1. Please contact our support department as soon as possible so we may document the change.

  2. We require documentation on company letterhead request the admin change and the reason for the request.  Please include the following new admin information and fax it to 973-761-2479 for review.

    • ​​First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Mobile Phone Number

  3. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for us to review the information.

  4. Once we have reviewed the information we will provide a new username and password for the new account administrator.

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