iPhone app not alerting

Update your iPhone's iOS
Be sure your iPhone is running the latest iOS version available.  To check that you are running the latest iOS version follow these steps.

  1. Select Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select "General".
  3. Select "Software Update"
  4. Download and Install if any latest iOS version are available.

iPhone app not alerting
The following are 3 very common solutions to resolve any alerting issues you might be experiencing with your iOS application.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall
If you are experiencing any issues with the iPhone try uninstalling and reinstalling the application on your iOS device.  This will resolve many issues right away.  You will need your 4 digit authorization code again to log into the app.

2. Log out and Log back in
If you have any issues where alerts are not displaying in the app.

  1. To log out and log back in, open the eDispatches app.
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "Phone Number / Auth Code"
  4. Enter your number and 4 digit authorization code.

3. Verify iOS notification settings
Sometimes after updating the iOS or getting a new iPhone the application requires to register again with our APNS (Apple Push Notification Server).  We suggest trying the following steps to get your iPhone app working again.
  1. Navigate to the iPhone's "Settings" > "Notifications"
  2. Scroll down and select "eDispatches"
  3. Verify the following settings are enabled
    • Show in Notification Center
    • Sounds
    • Show on Lock Screen
    Allow Notifications
  4. Verify that "Alert Style" is on Temporary or Persistent and Sounds is enabled.
  5. Then go back to your home screen and open the eDispatches app

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