Detector Offline

What happens when my detector is offline?

The account administrator will receive a text message, notifying that your equipment is offline. To learn how to add additional text recipients when a detector goes down, click here. 

What do I do if my detector is offline?

In most cases, a detector going offline is caused by a loss of power or internet.  This page will help you to troubleshoot an eDispatches detector that has stopped communicating with our servers or has not automatically recovered from a power or internet interruption.



Step 1: Is my detector receiving power?

Verify that the computer is receiving power.  The equipment will have a blue light on the front button indicating the equipment is receiving power.  If you do not have a blue light on the front button:

  1. Verify you have electricity at the location.

  2. Verify the computer’s power cable is fully connected and plugged into a working outlet.  This model computer has a power brick that might have come loose.

Step 2: Does my detector have internet?

Once you verified the equipment is powered and the status is still LATE, check the internet connection.

  1. Make sure that your Internet connection is OK by trying to browse the web from other computers connected to the same network.

  2. If your Internet connection appears OK, power off the eDispatches detector, wait ten seconds, and power the eDispatches detector back on.  It may take about 3 full minutes for the machine to fully restart.

  3. If that does not fix the status, power cycle all Internet providing devices.  This includes your Internet access device (that is, your cable or DSL modem, which we’ll refer to as just a modem), and your broadband router.

  4. Power Off (in this order)

    1. The eDispatches Detector

    2. The Modem

    3. Your Router

  5. Power back on your modem AND WAIT until it “settles down”

  6. Next, power on your router AND WAIT until it “settles down”

  7. If you have other computers on your network, go ahead and make sure those computers can browse the Internet again, now that you have rebooted everything…

  8. Turn on the eDispatches detector

  9. After a few minutes, the status should change to ONLINE.

    Step 3: What should I do if this doesn't work?
    Please call eDispatches Tech Support at 973 453 5810 Ext: 2

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