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eDispatches offers a free, 30 day trial, free trials are set-up up for an entire department or group of people. It is totally free and requires minor equipment configuration in your area utilizing equipment provided by eDispatches. By submitting this form, you are expressing interest in the trial, and will need to be contacted by a sales associate prior to the trial actually beginning. In most cases, trials can begin in as quickly as a 48 hours. This is a no obligation free trial. At this time, eDispatches only grants trials to groups or full departments. We do not provide free trial for individuals.

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You can sign up today by clicking the link above.  Please complete the l fields. If you do not know your A/B paging tones or your dispatch frequency, you may skip these items for now; we will need to determine them prior to the start of your trial. Usually, the best way is to check with the people who are responsible for your pagers/radios/dispatch. It would be advisable to start checking into this while you await our reply which may take up to 24 hours or next business day. Providing your direct cell phone number will accelerate this process. Our sales department will contact you shortly. eDispatches Sales Department 973-453-5810

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