How to use eDispatches on iPhone

Where do I download the iPhone app?
Our iPhone application is available free for all eDispatches subscribers on iTunes.

How do I download and install the eDispatches app on my iPhone?

  1. From your iPhone Home screen, tap App Store.

  2. Tab the Search button from the bottom portion of the screen.

  3. Type in "eDispatches" without the quotes and hit Search

  4. Locate the eDispatches app and select Install

  5. Once the application has been install, go back to your Home screen and launch the eDispatches app.

Where do I locate my authorization code?
For help locating your iPhone's authorization code please refer to the following page.  iPhone Authorization Code.

Does the iPhone have a pager mode?
The iPhone app does not have a pager mode similar to our Android app.  Apple does not allow iPhone notification sounds to override the iOS settings.

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